Reviewer Guidelines

As Bastas Publications, we recommend those researchers who will review a manuscript submitting to one of our journals to follow the guidelines oulined below:

  • Reviewers should make sure that they do not have potential conflict of interest with the submitted content. If they suspect such a competing interest, they should inform the editors and decline the invitation immediately.
  • Reviewers should check the compatibility of the article’s subject area with the aims and scope of the journal
  • Reviewers should check that the submitted content comlies with the author submission guidelines and ethical principles.
  • Reviewers should evaluate the originality, significance, and quality of the submission, including the investigation of existing literature, novelty, methodology, data, presentation, results, soundness of discussions, justification of research conclusions, sufficiency of language use.
  • Reviewers should have an unbiased, constructive, clear, and positive approach while preparing their evaluation reports. 


Last updated on 15 February 2022