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Research Article
Teachers at Lock-Down: Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Attitude Towards E-Learning amidst COVID-19 Era
EUR J INTERACT MULTIMED ED 2021, 2(2), e02113
Research Article
Utilizing Facebook and Messenger Groups as Platforms for Delivering Mathematics Interventions in Modular Distance Learning
International Journal of Professional Development, Learners and Learning 2021, 3(1), ep2109
Research Article
Ethnomathematics in Kafa, Ethiopia: Number Sense and its Level of Inclusion in School Curriculum
MEDITERR J J SOCI BEH RES 2021, 5(3), 41-50
Research Article
Effect of Tutorial on Students’ Communication Skill in Google Classroom in University of Port Harcourt
MEDITERR J J SOCI BEH RES 2021, 5(3), 51-57
Research Article
COVID-19 Virulence: Hinderances to Observing the Preventive Measures
MEDITERR J J SOCI BEH RES 2021, 5(3), 59-66
Research Article
Classroom Assessment Literacy Levels of Mathematics Teachers in Ghanaian Senior High Schools
Contemporary Mathematics and Science Education 2021, 2(2), ep21013
Research Article
What Sells on the Fake News Market? Examining the Impact of Contextualized Rhetorical Features on the Popularity of Fake Tweets
ONLINE J. COMMUN. MEDIA TECHNOL 2022, 12(1), e202201
Research Article
CHEMBOND3D e-Module Effectiveness in Enhancing Students’ Knowledge of Chemical Bonding Concept and Visual-spatial Skills
EUR J SCI MATH ED 2021, 9(4), 252-264