About us

Bastas Publications is an open access publisher of educational and social science content. Currently, we publish seven peer-reviewed journals. Initially founded in 2006, we continue our activities in Nicosia and London offices. 


Brief History

2010: First journal launced OJCMT with partnership EMU as the founding Editor-in-Chief: Agah Gumus

2017 : Launced MJOSBR

2019 : Celebrating 10 year anniversary

2020: Acquisition of CEDTECH

2020 : Three new journals started publication  EJIMED, IJPDLL&  CONMATHSCED

2020: Acquisition of EJSME

2020: UK Office is now in London.


For more information please visit our website at https://www.bastas.co.uk 

Contact us at contact@bastas.co.uk

Company number: 13194515